Show and hide InDesign buttons

This action allows to change the visibility of the elements of your content.

It can serve both to show content that was initially hidden and to hide content that was initially visible.

How does it work?

  1. We will need two buttons, one to show/hide and another to execute the action. It is also possible to use the same button to hide itself.
  2. Once we have the two buttons, we assign the action “Show/Hide buttons and Forms” to the button that will execute the action.
  3. All buttons added on the page will appear. Change the icon of these to remain as you want once you press that button.
  4. For an item to appear hidden, hide it from the layers panel. Keep in mind that what you must hide is the element and not the layer.

    Add “Fade” effect to buttons

    When you show or hide buttons, the action occurs instantly. With the label “Fade”, it is possible to add a fading effect to the buttons.

    To add this effect, simply put the “Fade” label on the button to be displayed / hidden.

    Labels can be found in: “Window” -> “Utilities” -> “Labels”.

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