Push Notifications

Push Notifications are messages that are sent to the all users of an App. For example, when you receive a notification from a social network, an e-mail or when you are sent an SMS, you are receiving a push notification.

480interactive allows you to send these notifications and they are totally customizable.

In order to use this service, activate it in the Plugins tab of 480interactive. Once you activate the option “Publish my App”, we will configure everything so that you can send a push notification only pushing a button.

How do I send a notification?

  1. Access the plugin from the tree on the left. If you do not have it activated, you can do it from the Plugins tab.
  2. Once you were inside, you will see the fields of the notification, as well as the devices to which you want to send it.
  3. Fill in the fields and press “Send notification”.
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