Option menu

In this screen, you can customize the options that appear in the Kiosk of your App. The Kiosk is the main screen of the App where are the contents you have added.

This screen has a small guide so you can see exactly what content you are modifying.

Kiosk Orientation:

In this option, you can choose the orientation type you want for the kiosk of your App. You can choose between horizontal, vertical or both.

Web address:

This option is only a link that will appear as an option when you unfold the options menu. When you press, this web address will be opened on the device. You can add any URL you want.

If this field is empty, the “Web” option will not appear in the options menu.

Enable Search:

If this checkbox is enabled, users will be able to search among the publications of your App. This field searches for existing words in the titles and descriptions of your content.

Enable Change Language:

This option enables a button in the options menu so users can change the language of the kiosk manually.

In any case, the language is adapted to the device and,by default, the App supports: Spanish, English and Chinese.

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