Open port 8480 on Windows to avoid errors when syncing devices

In this tutorial we will open the ports of the Windows firewall to avoid device synchronization problems with 480interactive.

The first thing to do is to enter the Windows control panel and click “Windows Firewall.”

panel de control

A window will open with the firewall options. Once there, we have to click on “Advanced Settings”.


The advanced settings will open, we need to click on “Entry Rules” and on “New Rule …”.


Now it will open a window that will ask us what kind of rule we want to create, choose the option “Port” and click on next.

añadir 1

It will ask us the type of port and the ports that we want to open. We chose “TCP” and entered the port “8480” as it appears in the capture. Once entered, click next.

añadir 2

In the next screen we choose “Allow connection” so that the device can communicate with the pc. Click on next.

añadir 3

Now we leave the 3 options selected and click on next.

añadir 4

Finally we put a name and a description to differentiate it from the other rules and click on “Finish”.

añadir 5

We already have the input rule created, now we will create the output rule.
To do this select “Exit rules” and “New rule …”.

reglas salida

Finally repeat the same steps described above to create the exit rule.

Once this second rule is created, we will have everything ready to synchronize the devices without problems with this PC.

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