Install Java cryptography package

Some 480interactive features require the use of cryptography to protect certain information. This tutorial explains the process for adding the crypto package to your current Java installation. Note that if you update Java after performing these steps you may need to update this package as well.

When you try to use some functionality that requires having the cryptography package installed, 480interactive will display an alert message. Until you find yourself in this situation you do not need to do this tutorial.

In this message, the data you need to perform all the steps will appear. For this reason, it is advisable not to close it yet. First, perform these steps:

  1. Download the crypto package from the official Java website. Use the corresponding link depending on the version of Java you have installed. You can see your version in the message that shows you 480interactive.

    Version Link
    Java 1.8 Download
    Java 1.7 Download
    Java 1.6 Download
    Web de descarga
  2. Once you have downloaded the file, unzip it and copy the files it contains to the lib/security subfolder inside the Java installation directory. You can see the Java installation directory in the message that shows you 480interactive.

    If you are updating the files because you have installed a new version of Java, replace the existing files.

  3. Finally, restart 480interactive.
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