Image and text with Scroll

What is it?

“Scroll” is a tag that allows you to add images or text larger than the box that contains them. This way, there will be only one visible part and the user can scroll with his finger to see the hidden area.

How is it added?

Add a image with scroll:

  1. Place the image in your InDesign document. (File -> Place…)
  2. Change the size of the frame containing the image to reduce the visible area. You can trim the frame from the right or bottom. Note that you can not reduce the frame from above or from the left.
  3. Convert the image to button.
  4. Add the “Scroll” tag to the image.

Add a text with scroll:

  1. First create a text box with the width we want. Put all the text inside this one. Make sure you see all the text.
  2. Now create a rectangular frame with the same width as the previous box but the height that fits in the document.
  3. Select and copy the first text box.
  4. Right click on the second box and select “Paste In”. Adapt the text box to the height of the button.
  5. Convert the second box to button and assign the label “Scroll”.

You can now change the height of the button to fit your document if necessary.

To change the text, double-click the button.

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