How to use the Publish Wizard to generate an IPA (iOS)

  1. Once you’ve enabled the “Publish my App” option, go to the “Publish my App” tab in the tree on the left.
  2. Click on “Request Application”. Your App Publish Wizard will open.
  3. Select “Tablet” and “Smartphne”, enter the name of your App and paste the URL of the Export folder of your App. If you have hired 480interactive hosting, you will not have to add the URL. Click on next when done.
  4. Now select the icon of your App. In 480interactive you have more details of how the image should be. Click next and the necessary icons will be generated.
  5. In the following screen you will have to enter the exported iOS certificate in .p12 format, its password and the provisioning profile of your App. Click next once you have done it.
  6. Click on “Request Application” to send the data to the generator.
  7. In 24h at most you will have the App generated in your email.

If you do not know how to hire the developer accounts, create the tabs of your App or upload the binaries, contact us and give information about the help to publish your application.

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