A Hosting or web storage is a server in witch you can upload files and access them through an URL. The files of your web page, for example, are uploaded to a hosting and accessed through an URL (

In order to publish a 480interactive application you have two options:

The hosting allows you to update the content of your application instantly and reduce the size of the application. On that way, users only download on their device the files they need.

Once the content is downloaded, there is no internet connection needed to view it, unless you have to download new content.

Use your own Hosting

If you select this option you will have to upload all contents from the Export folder of your App to this hosting. The Export folder can be found by clicking on “Tools” -> “Open Project Folder” from 480interactive.

When uploading this folder to your hosting you must make sure that both the folder and the files it contains have read permissions. If they do not have them, the App will not be able to read the necessary information and it will not work.

Once you’ve uploaded this folder, you’ll need to get the URL. This URL must point to a specific file that is inside the Export folder.

The file will start with the ID of your App, followed by the word -library and will be an xml file.

For example, in an App whose ID is “480i”, the URL would look like this:

Once you have this URL, save it. You will need it in the App publishing wizard that appears when you are going to generate your App.

Use 480interactive hosting

If you do not have your own hosting or do not want to use it, you can hire the hosting that we offer. This hosting is automatically configured once you activate the “Publish My App” option. When you have your App enabled, make sure you have just activated the “Hosting” plugin.

To upload your App, just click on “File” -> “Upload Application to Storage.”


480interactive also allows you to generate your App without hosting.

Not using hosting has some advantages, such as avoiding the need to connect to download content or having to hire a hosting solely for the App in case you do not have one.

However, for not using hosting you must meet two requirements:

  • Your App can not weigh more than 500Mb.
  • The content of your App will not be able to update without generating a new version, therefore, you will not be able to update the content very often.
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