Export an Apple certificate into .p12 format

When you create and download an Apple certificate, whether it’s an Apps distribution certificate or a push notification one, you’ll get a “.cer” file.

480interactive does not support this file format, so you have to export it to be compatible.

To do it, you will need a computer with Apple Mac OS operating system.

This computer must be the one with which you generated the certification authority, necessary to obtain the certificate that you want to export.

If you do not know how to generate an Apple certificate, hire the developer accounts or generate the App page in the App Store, contact us and we will inform you about the help service to publish your App.

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Steps to follow

  1. Once you have the certificate in .cer format downloaded to your computer, you will have to open it. Double-click on the certificate.
  2. The “Keychain Access” Application opens. If it does not open, you can open it from Spotlight.
  3. Once in this application, go to “My certificates”. This option is at the bottom left.
  4. Find the certificate you just added. You can find it by the ID bundle of your App.
  5. Click on the certificate to select it and display “File” in the top menu.
  6. Click on “Export Items”. Enter a name, select the location where you want to export it and in “File format” select: “Personal Information Exchange (.p12)”.
  7. Save the certificate and you will be asked to enter a password.

    If it’s a Apps distribution certificate , enter a password and then save it somewhere secure. Then press “OK”.

    If it is a push certificate , it should NOT have a password, press “OK” without entering anything.

  8. Now enter the password of your MAC user.
  9. When you finish, you will have your exported file in the location you have chosen. This file can be added in 480interactive to request your iOS App or send it to us by mail if it is a push certificate.
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