In this screen, you can add banners that will appear at the top of the Kiosk. You can add one just one banner (it will stay fixed) or several banners (They will rotate every x seconds).

These banners can be clickable and you can assign them the URL you want.

The Banners will be different between Vertical and Horizontal Kiosk; therefore, you must add 2 banners if your Kiosk has both orientations.

Format and characteristics of the banners:

Images must be in JPG or PNG format.

All banners in the same orientation must be the same size in pixels.

These are the recommended sizes for both orientations:
Vertical: 1538px x 400px
Horizontal: 2048px x 300px

Banners Settings:

Time passing between banners:

Here you have to put the seconds that you want a banner to remain before moving on to the next one in case you have added two or more.


Once you add a banner, you can edit the URL that will open when you click on it. If you do not add any URL, clicking on the banner will have no effect.


Language of the kiosk where you want the banner to appear. If you select “All”, it will appear in all languages.

Use in categories:

If your App has any category, the banner will appear if you check this option.

If you prefer not to check this option, the categories allow you to add exclusive banners. For that, go to the “Banners” tab within each category.

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