App General Information

“General Information” is the first screen you see when you create an App. Here you can configure the App name that users will see and the App icon.

This screen is split into different parts:

App Name This is the name that the final user will see. This field is autocompleted when the App is created but you can edit it whenever you want
Application ID This is the identifier of the App. This field is not editable and the final user will not see it.
Application Type It indicates the type of the App that you have selected previously. If you have selected Single, you only will be able to add one content to your App. If you have selected Kiosk option, you can add several contents.
Application icon This icon is the one that will appear on the device once the user installs the App. It should be a square image in JPG or PNG format and 1024 × 1024 pixels size.
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