Add Vimeo Video

The “Vimeo Video” content allows you to add an online video hosted in Vimeo to your app. You can add any video you want and it will be displayed fullscreen. To open this content the App will need internet connection.

How is it added?

  1. Once you have just opened your App in 480interactive, go to the “Add Content” tab in the menu on the left, select “Web Page” and click on the “Add” button on the right.
  2. A window will open where you have to enter the Title and the web address of the video that you want to add to your App. You can change them later.
  3. Click on “Add” to create the content and you will see that it appears in the menu on the left.
  4. Now you can configure the new content. Here are the most important configuration options:
  5. Title Here you can change the name of your content.
    Subtitle This text will appear under the title in the kiosk. Only used in apps with more than one content.
    Icon The icon that will appear in the final App.
    URL Video web address you added.
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