Everything you need to publish

You only need 4 things to publish an App with 480interactive:
Create for free
whit InDesign and 480i

Once you have created, tested and customized your project, you are ready to share your App with everyone. You just need a 480i license and a hosting to host your App.

A Single or Multiple
license of 480i

Choose the option that best meets your needs: Single Issue App or Multiple Issue App. Hire the license you need online through your control panel. See ‘Price Plans’.

A hosting to host
your application

Applications must be hosted on a server (same as websites) so that users can download it anytime, anywhere. In order to avoid charges, 480interactive lets you host your App in the hosting you want, so that you can use the same than your website or hire the one which best suits your needs.
If you do not have a hosting, 480i offers a hosting service included in the price of the license.

Decide which account
you will use to
publish your App

To publish an application on the App Store and Google Play it is required to have a ‘Developer Account’. If you want to be a developer and publish Apps with your name, you just have to register on Apple (99$/year) and Google (25$/year).

Details about the hosting of 480interactive

Hosting included in the Single Issue App License:

1GB storage + 50GB of download traffic per month.

What does 50GB of download traffic means?
If you publish, by instance, a tale which is 100 Mb, each user who downloads your app will generate 100 Mb of download traffic. In this sample you would have a maximum of 500 downloads per month.

Hosting included in the Multiple Issue App License:

10GB storage + 100GB of download traffic per month

What does 100GB of download traffic means?
Imagine you publish an App for a magazine. If the first month you publish an issue of the magazine which is 100Mb, each user who downloads that issue will generate 100Mb of download traffic. In this sample you would have a maximum number of 1000 downloads per month.

May I extend the number of download traffic?

Yes, you can hire more download traffic at any time. You have two options to extend:

– Extend to 500 GB of monthly download: 59€/month + VAT

– Extend to 1000 GB of monthly download: 99€/month + VAT