Plugins to solve your needs

You can add optional plugins to your App to get more functionality and solve the needs of your project. Below you can find the description of all the plugins.

Google Analytics

Add this plugin to get App usage statistics directly in your Analytics dashboard.

Obten datos de tu App con Analytics

Push notifications

A very useful service to keep your community of users active and informed. Send unlimited Push notifications.

Google Admob

A way to monetize your content. By activating this plugin Google will show advertising in your application and will send you the income that generates.

In-app purchases and suscriptions

Activate this plugin to be able to sell your content through individual content sales or with subscriptions to all content. This plugin automatically integrates with the Apple and Google shopping system for the convenience of users and ensure the security of transactions. Google and Apple directly enter the amount of sales.

Access with user and password (CDS Plugin)

This plugin allows adding user access and password to the App. Users are managed from a web administrator,
Where you can also create groups and manage the permissions that each user has to access the content.

Hosting for your App

Activate this plugin to hire a hosting of 10Gb of storage and 100gb of monthly traffic. Changes you make from 480interactive will be synchronized with the server, and all users will receive updates automatically. If you already have a hosting, you can also use it to host your application, you only have to upload with Filezilla or a similar FTP manager the files generated by 480interactive.

Languages and filters

Activate this plugin to upload content in several languages. In the menu of the application will appear the section “Languages” so that the user can select the one that wishes.


Activate this plugin to allow your users to share the App with their contacts by email, WhatsApp and social networks

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Using 480interactive, creating App projects and previewing them on your smartphone is free. Create an App and test all features and features.