480interactive is an Apps generator without programming. Add content in standard formats

You can create a native iOS and Android app just in one step. This application is generated empty and is ready to receive the content directly in usual formats such as InDesign, HTML, PDF, Video, WordPress entries, Google Sites, etc.

You can send the project to your smartphone to test how it works as many times as you like.

Apps Kiosk or Apps Single, each project to your style

Apps Kioskto add various contents like catalogs, presentations, technical documentation, corporate publications, etc.

App Single to publish a single interactive content, such as an annual report, a corporate presentation or an interactive catalog.

Prepare the content

With your usual tools

Take advantage of your knowledge in InDesign, PDF, WordPress, HTML5, Mp4 Video and social networks to create applications. Use the free templates to see how to optimize the user experience.

Plugins to customize the project

Once you have added your content, you can activate optional plugins to customize the visual appearance of the App or tools such as Google Analytics and Push Notifications to know the behavior of your users and energize them. In-app sales or a restricted area by user and password for employees or premium users.
See avaliable Plugins >

Publish your App

With the number of contents and plugins you want

Hire the “Publish my App” option only when you want to launch your project. Calculate your price by choosing the number of contents and plugins you want to add in your application.

See prices to publish >

Install 480interactive on your PC or Mac and start creating Apps

Using 480interactive, creating App projects and previewing them on your smartphone is free. Create an App and test all features and features.

Quick View

How to create an App project, add content and preview the result on your smartphone