La Suite de 480interactive consta de tres elementos: (1)Accesorios para InDesign, (2)un software de escritorio y (3) una App para iPad donde podrás ver cómo quedan tus proyectos.

Accesorios para

“480i Tags” are the labels that are installed in InDesign for creating more interactive effects. In the tutorials section we explain how to use each of them.

“480i Script” is a file which is installed in InDesign and is used to export the files to a compatible format with tablets, which we call “issue”.

Up to now you export your InDesign file to a PDF. From now on you will export it to an interactive format we call ‘Issue’ (Issue = Interactive Publication for iPad).

In the section “Tutoriales>Primeros Pasos” we explain how to install those plug-ins in InDesign in just a minute.

480i Manager

480i Manager is desktop software available for MAC and PC which is used to create Apps.

Aimed to designers, with this software you will not have to write a single line of code, you just have to follow the wizard.

In the ‘Tutorials>480i Manager’ section “Tutoriales>480i Manager” we will show you all you need to know to use 480i Manager.

480i Viewer

480i Viewer is the App for iPad available on the App Store which lets you display and check the projects you are developing. With a simple and intuitive interface, you can use this viewer to see how your project looks or show it to a client.