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Calculate the price to publish your app selecting the number of contents and plugins you want to add.

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What does the option Publish my App include?

First year price
Get your app to publish on App Store and Google Play

Get an iOS App (compatible with iPhone and iPad) and an Android App (compatible with tablets and smartphones). You will receive the .IPA and .APK files you need to upload the application to the App Store and Google Play respectively. You can also make unlimited updates to the content of your App, have unlimited downloads and use all the plugins you have added.

Optional yearly renewal

Keep your App updated every year with the latest iOS and Android versions

Renewing the “Publish my App” option keeps all the features included in the first year: Unlimited code update and warranty changes on iOS and Android operating systems, unlimited updating of App content and plug-ins.

Frequent asked questions

Before publishing your App

Access to 480interactive program and open the App project you want to publish. In the section “Publish my App” you will see the button to activate this option:
Summary of steps >

When you publish your App you have two options:

  1. Do not use hosting

    With this option all the content of your App goes inside when you install it. However, the installation file can be very large and that If you want to update the content you have to publish a new version of the App in the App Store and Google Play.

  2. To use a hosting linked to the App

    In this case, the application only contains minimal information and all contents are downloaded from the server. The main advantage is that you can update the contents on the server constantly and update the App to all users, without needing to generate a new version. You only need to have a hosting where you can upload the folder that is generated with 480interactive when you activate the option “Publish my App” . This folder is called “Export”. When you get your App, you will have to indicate where the “Export” folder is in your hosting, by entering the URL. For example:

Yes, you can use any hosting you have contracted already. 480interactive Apps work with any type of hosting.


Debit/Credit card VISA or MasterCard

Your App will continue working and be published in the App Store and Google Play, but you will not be able to update your App source code so that it remains compatible with new versions of iOS and Android operating system that are coming out. By not renewing the license you will not be able to update the content of your publications or send Push notifications.

Yes. The “Publish my App” option allows you to add an Apple Enterprise certificate and generate your private distribution App.

Yes, you can hire the service so we can generate and publish your App to your App Store and Google Play developer account. The price is:

  • Publish App on App Store: 299$ per app.

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