Build an App for your magazines

Create an App without programming where you can
add your magazines and publications. 

480interactive automatically generates native code
to create iOS and Android applications in a single step.

crear Apps sin programar

That’s easy!

Add your publications directly with habitual formats.

Try, edit and customize

Customize your brand image and send the project to test in your mobile devices

crear apps sin programar

Monetize your content

Sell your content through Apple and Google in-app purchases and subscriptions.

Adds in-app advertising with Google Admob.

Connect your database users

Allow your paper or website subscribers access content from the App

Area Privada Apps

Create loyal readers

Use Push Notifications to keep your users updated.
Analyzes their behavior and favorite content with Google Analytics.

Try it free

Create an App in 10 minutes with the tutorial and template we provide.
Then you can edit to customize and add your own content


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