Without a single line of code
This solution is conceived for designers. Simply with your design skills, learning the basics of digital design and learning how to provide your creations with interactivity you will be able to do things you cannot yet imagine.
Using your layout program: Adobe InDesign
This solution is thought up to be used by designers, so we chose the most popular layout program: Adobe InDesign. You need to use one of these versions: CS5.5, CS6, CC. Within the 480interactive Suite you will find some accessories to install in InDesign, which enable you to create more interactive effects as well as export your file into a format compatible with mobile devices. We call this compatible format ‘Issue’.
No initial investment
You can use 480interactive Suite for free whenever you want. Both to create Single Issue Apps and Multiple Issue Apps. Creating and previewing your projects is completely free. The only cost is the one of publishing the App to make it available worldwide.
Closed budget to create your app
From the very first moment you will know the exact price your project may cost. As you have seen, we only charge if you want to publish it on the App Store. You acquire an annual or monthly license (as you need) with no fixed term and no hidden costs; you can hire and terminate licenses for each of the apps from your ‘Control Panel’. See ‘Price Plans’ section to check the closed prices.
Free hosting and downloads
All applications must be hosted on a hosting so that any user can download it. The advantage of 480interactive is that you can host the apps in your current hosting, so that you do not have to hire more services. If you do not have a hosting, you can hire the supplier that best suits your needs or use the hosting that 480interactive includes in every license.
User management with User and Password
A unique advantage not offered by other solutions: you can manage the access to your issues by giving admission to users with password. By instance, if you create an App for a company, salesmen may have a password to access only product catalogues and managers may have a password to view catalogues and result’s reports from their iPad.