Create Apps to publish contents

App creator for marketing, design and content professionals

Usability for all professionals

A software for Mac and PC destinated to content managers: Graphic designers, marketing managers, layout designers, journalists or account managers.

App examples  that you can create with 480interactive

Corporate applications such as interactive catalogs, product presentations, brochures of events and congresses, annual reports, kiosks with private documentation, manuals, etc.

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Prepare the content with the usual tools

Model and edit content in InDesign, PDF, WordPress, HTML5, Mp4 Video and social networks. Add content with these formats to 480interactive and the application is automatically generated.

Interactive content for smartphone and tablet

With InDesign you can create interactive catalogs that fit any mobile device. Use the “buttons and forms” panel and interactive InDesign plugins from 480interactive. With HTML5 and CSS3 you can lay out responsive content with the program you use regularly and add it to 480interactive.

Publish on App Store and Google Play, or through private distribution to companies

Activate the Publish My App option in your project to receive the .IPA and .APK files needed to publish or install an App via email. Applications are generated with updated native code to the latest available versions of iOS and Android.

Try to create an App with the free version

Using 480interactive, creating App projects and previewing them on your mobile devices is free. Activate the “Publish my App” service only on the project you want to publish on the App Store and Google Play.

480interactive community

More than 25,000 users and companies around the world are creating Apps with 480interactive. 

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